The First Steps at TranscendED

Welcome to the beginning of a transformative journey with Transcend ED, where we specialize in compassionate and comprehensive treatment for eating disorders. We recognize the complexity of your situation and are dedicated to guiding you towards a healthier, more fulfilling life.

The TranscendED Approach

Embracing a New Path
Understanding the challenges of moving away from an eating disorder, we at TranscendED are committed to supporting you in finding healthier coping mechanisms and expressions. Our initial focus is to ensure your physical and medical stability. With a team of specialized psychiatrists, nurses, and dietitians, we collaborate to create a personalized plan for your physical wellbeing, setting the foundation for emotional recovery and long-term healing.
Tailoring Your Unique Recovery Plan
At TranscendED, we celebrate the uniqueness of each individual. Our treatment approach is personalized, taking into account your life circumstances, needs, aspirations, and obstacles to recovery. We believe in the possibility of recovery for everyone and are dedicated to fostering a safe, trusting, and nurturing environment for your journey.
Taking the First Step
Recognizing the courage it takes to seek help, we commend you for researching and considering our program. The decision to enter treatment is significant and often overwhelming. Our compassionate team is here to guide you, answer questions, and address concerns, helping you move forward with confidence and hope. Contact Us.
For Loved Ones: Your Role in Recovery
We understand the impact of an eating disorder not only on the individual but also on their loved ones. Family involvement is crucial in our treatment programs. We engage families through weekly therapy, shared meals, and monthly multi-family programming, empowering them to be an integral part of the healing process. Our aim is to educate and support families, enabling them to contribute positively to the recovery journey.
Finding Us: Your Sanctuary for Healing
Our outpatient treatment center, located just minutes from Charlotte, is a haven designed for healing. Nestled in a serene and private location, our facility is an inviting space featuring inspiring art, soothing colors, and a comforting atmosphere, creating the perfect environment for recovery.