Kids & Adolescents

Your health is the most important goal at TranscendED

Treating Kids and Adolescents

We want to help you with:
  • Getting your weight to hold steady
  • Creating healthy routines for eating and mealtime
  • Picking out what could be causing you to have symptoms
  • Healing the things we help you recognize
  • Putting together a plan to keep you from a relapse
How We Can Help With Eating Disorders
TranscendED is a family oriented center that welcomes kids and adolescents of all cultures, genders, and backgrounds. The people at Transcend are capable of helping in any way that you may need; giving help with eating disorder treatment for kids, adolescents & teens of all genders.
We Custom Build A Plan For YOU
Our professionals provide customized treatment tuned for each person. The TranscendED family includes psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, dietitians, counselors, and administrative staff specially trained to provide the very best care every step of your healing journey.
Let's Do This Together!
We pay close attention to the patterns of your body; help with healing and strengthening your emotions to get to the root of the problem causing your eating disorder. By doing so, we can support YOU in developing the COURAGE, STRENGTH & SKILLS to keep you from going back to bad habits. Our goal is your long-term health!
We Keep Your Information Private
TranscendED provides an online treatment form that you can use to request an assessment. You can fill it out on your phone or tablet!
Holistic Services And Support
Our specialists offer a wide range of wellness programs and services to provide you with complete control of your healing process. TranscendED provides yoga (Restorative Movement with Mindfulness), nutritional counseling, meal support, music therapy, and more, based on your preferences. We believe in spreading the power of wellness through care, empathy, and mutual understanding. As such, we focus on conducting group-based sessions.

We have a family style at Transcend ED that can help you be at your best! Get control of your life and discover the best in you.