Care That Transcends

Transcend ED is at the forefront of eating disorder treatment, providing comprehensive, empathetic care tailored to each individual's journey towards recovery.

The Transcend ED Approach

& Compassionate

Where holistic care meets individual recovery.
At Transcend ED, our treatment philosophy centers around the individual's unique needs and well-being. Our comprehensive approach integrates physical health with psychological and emotional support, addressing the multifaceted nature of eating disorders. We're dedicated to delivering compassionate care that empowers our clients in their recovery journey.

& Educational

Educating and healing in unison.
Transcend ED is committed to incorporating the latest research and educational insights into our treatment programs. We emphasize the importance of understanding eating disorders from both a scientific and personal perspective, providing our clients with the knowledge and tools necessary for sustainable recovery and well-being.

Supportive & Safe

Nurturing an environment of healing and growth.
The cornerstone of our approach at Transcend ED is creating a safe, nurturing, and non-judgmental space for recovery. Our experienced team of professionals, including therapists, dietitians, and mental health experts, is dedicated to building a supportive environment that respects each client's personal experience and promotes lasting healing.

Dr. Rose M. LeDay, Ph.D.

Founder and CEO of TranscendED

Dr. Rose M. LeDay, a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, leads Transcend ED with over two decades of expertise in the mental health arena. Holding a doctorate from the California School of Professional Psychology, she specializes in Clinical Psychology with a focus on Multicultural and Community Psychology.
With a remarkable career spanning over 25 years, Dr. LeDay has been instrumental in developing treatment programs and managing behavioral health facilities across the nation. She is renowned for her contributions in training and supervising clinicians of various licensure levels, alongside offering her consultancy to multiple mental health agencies.

Dr. LeDay's insights and expertise have been sought after in various platforms. She has shared her knowledge through lectures and presentations on critical topics like women's health, sexuality, cultural diversity, and eating disorders. Her perspectives have been featured in media outlets such as Fitness Magazine, where she discussed body image issues in culturally diverse populations, and ABC News, where she addressed the prevalence of eating disorders among college students.

In her clinical practice, Dr. LeDay has worked extensively with children, adolescents, and adults, addressing a broad spectrum of mental disorders and emotional challenges. Her approach is characterized by a Relational framework, emphasizing trust, respect, and empathy to support clients effectively. She brings a wealth of experience in treating Eating Disorders, having dedicated over 25 years to this field. Additionally, she adeptly handles Mood Disorders (including Depression and Bipolar Disorder), Anxiety Disorders (such as PTSD, Panic, Social, and Separation Anxiety), Identity Issues, Anger Management, Grief/Loss, Work-Life Balance, Stress Management, and Relationship Conflicts. Her treatments incorporate Solution-Focused, Humanistic, and Cognitive-Behavioral strategies.

Dr. LeDay's proficiency extends to psychological testing, which plays a critical role in ensuring accurate diagnoses and formulating effective treatment plans for clients of all ages. She is a licensed Psychologist in both North Carolina and California, where she also maintains private practice locations.