Yoga serves as a bridge, reconnecting individuals with their bodies and emotions through mindful presence and movement.

The Role of Yoga in Healing

"Yoga means to yoke, or to connect. At its core, then, yoga offers an opportunity to reconnect the mind to the body through the breath."- Melody Moore, Ph.D., RYT
Yoga Therapy For Eating Disorders
While suffering from an eating disorder, behaviors such as bingeing, purging, restricting, and overexercising serve not only to disconnect an individual from their emotions but their body as well. Yoga provides an opportunity for an individual to reconnect with their body and mind through the practice of mindfulness and presence. Yoga therapy allows individuals to re-learn their bodies and move them in a context outside of “exercise” or burning calories. The experience of trying and succeeding in new, sometimes uncomfortable, positions on the yoga mat translates into confidence in one’s ability to handle emotions and sensations off the mat. At the same time, a yoga practice challenges the perfectionism that is common in eating disorders, teaching clients to move their bodies in ways that feel good instead of according to prescribed rules.