Aftercare And Outpatient Services

TranscendED’s Aftercare and Outpatient Services are dedicated to supporting individuals in their ongoing journey towards recovery from eating disorders.

Comprehensive Aftercare Planning

Aftercare & Outpatient Services
For individuals struggling with eating disorders, continuity of care is imperative.

As a staff, we are committed to making sure our clients transition smoothly from one level of care to another. Aftercare planning begins on the first day of admission to ensure an individual’s treatment plan is sustainable and they will have the support they need even after they graduate from our program.

Once individuals have completed their individualized treatment goals in any program, they are encouraged to continue their treatment, practicing recovery skills at a less intensive level of care. TranscendED provides outpatient services and aftercare planning to assist with this process. We believe in caring for our clients even after they complete our programs.
Collaborative Care and Continuing Support Beyond Treatment
Our medical and clinical staff consistently interface with clients’ primary care providers to keep them informed about treatment progress. Upon discharge, when further eating disorder resources are needed, TranscendED links, clients, to specialist eating disorder services in the community to ensure that healing extends long into their recovery.

TranscendED provides outpatient services by appointment for all individuals, whether they have been in a higher level of care with us or another facility.
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Outpatient Groups
My Voice Matters Group
In addition to individual outpatient services, TranscendED offers outpatient groups. Beginning October 5, 2015, a group called “My Voice Matters” will begin for those of ages 13-22 who identify as male and struggle with disordered eating. Led by Program Director Dean Quick, MT-BC, this group is an opportunity for young men to confront and address their problems in a supportive all-male environment.

Recovery-Oriented Support Group
TranscendED also sponsors a free support group in Matthews, NC on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday night of every month. This group is open to the public and is a supportive, recovery-oriented place for all genders to discuss the struggles of an eating disorder and recovery with people who understand. For more information, call or email
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